Current gen consoles are without a doubt marvellous pieces of technology. They have given us some of the finest games ever to grace our screens, and with the dawn of virtual reality gaming, they’re taking us to places we could only dream of a few years ago. With the exception of the Wii U, one thing they’re terrible at, however, is local multiplayer games.

The recent Ratchet and Clank is a prime example of this trend. Earlier games in the series had a really enjoyable split-screen multiplayer mode but when the PS4 version came out this year, this was missing. If you own a PS4 or Xbox One, and you’re not a fan of sports or driving games, it seems like there’s very few ways to share your gaming experiences with people in the same room.

For Hitbox Gaming this posed an issue. With two avid gamers wanting to play on the PS4, finding a game which supported local co-op was a top priority. After a few Reddit searches, Diablo 3 was frequently mentioned as one of the best couch multiplayer titles. Having played a rather embarrassing amount of World of Warcraft (and later Hearthstone) the decision to step into another Blizzard game was an easy one.

It’s the one!

This guy looks cool but he’s actually a bit of an arse

From the first minute it was obvious that this game was designed with multiplayer in mind. The sheer number of enemies you have to keep an eye on at any one time means that playing solo would make it difficult to keep track of the action. Working together to take down hordes of enemies by strategically using buffs, healing and aggro techniques is classic Blizzard and immediately draws parallels to WoW.

When you get an great piec of loot you’re naturally very pleased, but not as pleased as when your playing partner gets one. When you play Diablo 3, you’re on a journey together to fight the forces of hell so their success makes you happy.

It’s easy to get very overpowered

Diablo 3 bounty gif.gif
Thor’s Schaefer’s Hammer is ridiculously OP

Diablo 3 caps at level 70. Around level 6oish, Fjordvik the Barbarian found a weapon called Schaefer’s Hammer. This lightning powered demon melter was quite frankly ludicrous, making the rest of the main story a complete walk in the park. Even at maximum difficulty and without finding a Norse god’s hammer, it’s basically impossible not to be overpowered.

The abilities and perks are so easy to stack and compliment each other that anybody with five minutes and access to Google/Reddit can create an OP build for any class. If you’re playing co-op, one of the players is probably going to storm ahead of the others, creating an odd scenario where your squad is actively trying not to hog kills. Slowing down gameplay so everybody gets a turn seems natural when you’re all in the same room but it’s likely that wouldn’t be the case with strangers on the internet.

Loot, so much loot

No, this new loot probably isn’t as good as my other loot. I’ll have to find more loot so I can get other loot easier.

If you recall from the post about Destiny, loot games have a special place for Hitbox Gaming. Collecting shiny new stuff in video games is one of life’s special treats and Diablo is one of the most infamous loot series out there.

Diablo 3 has so much loot that you quite regularly need to stop quests halfway through to return to merchants to sell/salvage all of your trash. You get so much trash in Diablo 3 that it’s on the verge of having too much loot. Yep, that’s right, too much loot.

Because of all the absolute rubbish you pick up, getting something decent is a rare and wonderful occasion. Seeing the ?s on your screen when you get a legendary drop is still exciting, even after multiple playthroughs.


The blacksmith could teach a lot of people about just getting on with it

The story in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is fairly uninspiring. For Hitbox Gaming’s better half, storylines are a major part of the gaming experience and her scathing two word review of the story is “pretty unimaginative.”

For a game like Diablo 3, the story is important. Why would you care about all the loot you’re collecting to help you save the world, if you don’t care about that world? With the story such a major let down, unfortuantely Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls isn’t the local multiplayer classic PS4 owners have been searching for.

Although for Hitbox Gaming, it didn’t always notice the lack of a decent narrative because it was too busy chasing treasure goblins around dark dungeons.


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