Reminiscing about Tekken 2 got us thinking about what could be lurking underneath the Christmas tree for Hitbox Gaming this year. With the number of quality titles released in the latter half of 2016, it’s almost guaranteed that a few have yet to grace your screens.

With many workplaces and schools shut for the festive period, there’s no better time to begin an epic RPG or hone your skills on the latest FPS blockbuster. So with that in mind, here is our top 4 games that should be on every gamer’s Christmas list. That is of course, if you’ve not already played them!

Titanfall 2

Yep, those guns will definitely kill that robot

Given its inconvenient release date, slap bang in the middle of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1, you could be forgiven for letting EA’s first-person shooter slip through the net. With the genre’s primary focus on multiplayer, Titanfall 2 goes very much against the grain of its competitors by putting the story line first.

While it didn’t sell as well as anticipated, Titanfall 2 received almost unanimous praise from critics. In fact, Titanfall 2 is amongst the finalists for 2016 Game of the Year award, going head to head with some of this year’s biggest games, including Uncharted 4 and Overwatch.

If you want to put your skills to the test against other players, Titanfall 2 does have a multiplayer mode, which has received a population boost post-Black Friday. If you want to spend your long December evenings playing one of the most innovative shooters in the past few years, this could be the game for you.

Final Fantasy XV

Nothing like a relaxing cup of tea after a hard day’s emo

After 10 long years in development, Final Fantasy XV is finally with us. And it has generally been well received by fans and critics, alike.

One of the most significant changes in FFXV is with the battles. Traditionally, the series has used active-time battle systems, where you don’t use your controller to move the characters around the screen to attack monsters but instead use a menu to choose what kind of ability you want to use.

In FFXV, this approach has been replaced with a system that is more akin to action adventure games, where you need to position your character, dodge or block enemy attacks, and activate your spells or melee abilities in real-time. Fights in FFVX aren’t the methodical, predictable and slow affairs from previous Final Fantasy games, but are now frantic, fast-paced, action sequences.

The holiday period is the perfect time to get stuck into an epic RPG so if you’ve been put off with the JRPG game play of the older Final Fantasy games, then FFXV could be your perfect entry point for the series.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian.png
“Sorry miss, my feathered, horny dog ate it”

Another long overdue game is hitting our screens this month. Fumito Ueda, the man behind Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, has been working on The Last Guardian for the better part of a decade. First planned for the PS3, the game was delayed numerous times until finally being reintroduced at E3 in 2015.

Combining action-adventure game play with puzzle mechanics, The Last Guardian features two main characters: a boy and his giant, feathered, horned, bird/dog. Little is known of the main story line at this stage but no doubt the relationship between the boy and his pal will be centre stage.

With the UK release date set for December 9th, The Last Guardian has been timed perfectly for Christmas. If action-adventure games are your thing, you need to write this one down on your list to Father Christmas.

Destiny: The Collection

If you give it a go, Hitbox Gaming promises to stop writing about Destiny

Hitbox Gaming’s love for Destiny has been well documented and with the game and all of its DLC available for the price of a decent bottle of gin, there has never been a better time to give Bungie’s fantasy first-person shooter a go.

Even after two years, the game still looks and feels great to play. There may not be as much for veteran players, but if you’ve yet to step foot into the world of Destiny there is so much to do and see. The orchestral soundtrack swells between epic and haunting and the thrill you get from shooting stuff in the game is second to none.

The sheer amount of content for new players, the faultless gun play and the highly active community makes Destiny a very good option for toiling away those long winter evenings.


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