With the lack of AAA couch co-op titles available on the PS4, the only way to get your multiplayer fix is through online play. Communication is essential for most multiplayer games, so investing in a great headset can help you keep in contact with your team.

Every PS4 comes with a basic in-ear headphone and clip-on mic and while this is adequate for chatting with your friends online, it doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to gaming.

The range of headsets available is enormous and it can be quite overwhelming, so here is our list of the best PS4 headsets for any budget.

Under £20 – Aizbo® Gaming Headset – £16.99 on Amazon

Includes fishnet stocking ear pad

There are a great many budget headsets available and the quality hugely varies. While it is possible to get a great bargain, if you pick poorly you can end up with a chunk of plastic whose only use is to throw at the wall when you’re tilted.

The Aizbo Gaming Headset is a great example of the former, delivering a decent sound and mic quality for the price. One of the standout features of the Aizbo is the flexibility in the headband. While it’s unlikely that you have a spiral shaped head, having a headset which can withstand the inevitable sitting or sleeping on is a big plus.

If you’re on a very tight budget or don’t play online that often, the Aizbo is a brilliant choice for a low cost headset.

Under £50 – HyperX Cloud Stinger – £47.49 on Amazon

At 275 grams, this headset is lighter than many of Keith Richard’s evenings

The Cloud Stinger is the entry level product in HyperX’s range of high quality gaming headsets. The Cloud Stinger is designed with comfort in mind, making the headset perfect for long gaming sessions. Weighing less than a can of tomato soup (thanks, Google?) and featuring patented HyperX memory foam ear pads, you can vegetate for hours without even noticing you’ve got a giant pair of goth ear muffs on your head.

If you don’t want to spend more than £50 or you have a propensity for extended sessions, you’d be hard pressed to find anything to top the Cloud Stinger.

Under £100 – Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset – £64.99 on Amazon

Jack of all trades, master of none?

Perhaps the most well known product in our list is Sony’s official wireless headset. Featuring a hidden microphone and pre-set modes for gaming, movies and music, Sony’s headset is one of the most versatile devices available. The device holds around 8 hours of charge so whether you’re binge watching Netflix, listening to the entire Enya back catalogue or spending way too much time exploring every dungeon on Skyrim, the headset should last longer than your attention.

Being so versatile, it can be argued that the official Sony headset is a jack of all trades and the master of none. While there are better products for each function, the fact that it does everything pretty well makes the official headset perfect for gamers who also use their PS4 as a media centre.

Between £100 and £200 – Sennheiser PC 360 – £148.24 on Amazon

So good that you can hear the sodium building up amongst your enemies

Once you start looking over £100, the range of options starts to thin but the difference between each device becomes very noticeable. Comfort, audio quality and mic clarity should be your main focus and there’s not many headsets which can match the Sennheiser PC 360 for all three.

Sennheiser has been making headphones and microphones for decades in the audio professional world and is well known for delivering consistently good products. The sound delivery, range and EQ of the PC 360 headset brings games to life and the tonal qualities allow voice chat to be heard clearly without needing to turn the game volume down and the party chat up.

For the money, you’d be hard pressed to find anything to top the Sennheiser PS4 headset.

Over £200 – Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset – £230.89 on Amazon

The battery lasts as long as the average adult is awake each day. Coincidence?

Here we are. The money is no object price range. We decided not to search for diamond encrusted, gold plated bling devices and instead went with a headset which is renowned for its high quality and unique features. The device in question is the Astro Gaming A50, a headset which is particularly prominent in the competitive gaming arena.

Featuring a 15 hour battery, the only time the Astro Gaming A50 will run out of juice mid-game is if you forgot to put put it back in its dock after a session. The dock itself is a very clever piece of kit, featuring additional connections to other audio sources, allowing gamers to take phone calls, play music or output the in-game audio to external capturing devices, making it perfect for streamers or YouTubers.

For gamers with a high budget or anybody looking to start creating video content, the Astro Gaming A50 is probably the most complete audio device available. If you don’t have the know-how or time to create a tailored setup with separate headphones, microphones and capturing devices, this headset is perfect for you.

Prices correct as of 14th January 2017

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