With Destiny 2 rumours, wishlists and leaked posters doing the rounds on the internet, it looks like we’ll soon be saying farewell to Destiny. And by soon, realistically we’re talking 6 months at the earliest which means that addicts fans will have plenty of time to play all of the other games that have been gathering dust for the past couple of years.


Over the past few weeks, Bungie has drip fed us details of the last ever content drop for Destiny, which goes live on Tuesday 28th March at 6pm GMT. Destiny: Age of Triumph is a celebration of every guardian’s individual achievements in the game. Whether you’ve slayed every raid boss, become a PvP god, collected everything or simply completed every mission, AoT will have something for everyone.

When AoT goes live, guardians will be able to access a 13-page record book which requires various levels of completion for different rewards. Each page in the book focusses on a different aspect of the game, including class-specific pages, one for the Trials of Osiris PvP mode and much more. When a guardian completes all of the nodes on a single page, an emblem will be rewarded for use across all characters. For any players that want more tangible rewards, a t-shirt is available to purchase from the Bungie website which can be customised with a Gamertag or PSN.

Weekly Activities

ToM ornament

As well as looking at past achievement, AoT will bring about some changes in the weekly routines for guardians. For example, each week, a playlist of Destiny story missions will be available at a higher light level than the current Heroic daily story.

In the crucible, Lord Shaxx will now carry two weekly bounties instead of one, and less of the playlists will be available in an attempt to speed up matchmaking. The Crucible Quartermaster will also be holding a number of weekly bounties from which you can earn Y2/3 Trials and Iron Banner weapons.

Changes have also been made to Destiny’s huge list of vendors, which will now have a weekly rotating stock, much like the Speaker and Variks. With the large quantity of Legendary Marks available to guardians, the ability to purchase well rolled gear for a limited amount of time is a welcome change to the fixed stock on offer at the moment.

LFG VoG – Must have LL 400 Gjallarhorn and know how to run Relic

New Legs

One of the most exciting changes in AoT will be the return of the Vault of Glass, Crota’s End and King’s Fall raids, which are being brought up to current level. As well as providing a new challenge for max-level guardians, all of the loot from these experiences will drop at current light levels, meaning that nostalgic guardians will be able to get their hands on usable versions of their favourite guns from Year 1, including the infamous Fatebringer, Vision of Confluence and Vex Mythoclast.

Aside from bringing loot and enemies up to current light levels, not much is known about any upcoming changes to the mechanics of the raids, although it has been said that there will be only minor amends, presumably to negate tactics which cheese or skip encounters. What is known, however, is that each raid will now feature challenges, similar to the ones already in place on the Kings Fall and Wrath of the Machine raids. When completed, these challenges will reward an Age of Triumph Ornament reward, which can be applied to armour from the updated raids to change how they look. The challenges also have a chance of dropping Adept weapons, which are elemental counterparts to the regular raid legendary primary weapons.

Access to these raids will be available after they are featured as the Weekly Raid, starting with Crota’s End, then VoG, Kings Fall and Wrath of the Machine, which is already at maximum light level.

Sandbox Changes


Bungie has also taken the opportunity to update Destiny’s sandbox, making a number of changes to specific weapons in an attempt to change the current meta, which favours heavily towards the use of the No Land Beyond sniper rifle and Wormwood sidearm.

Following the special ammo changes in last month’s sandbox update, many players put down their Matador 64s in favour of sidearms, which retained all ammo on respawn. With the AoT update, this has been addressed by only allow sidearms to spawn with 1 magazine of ammo, which brings the weapon type more in line with other special weapons. Another positive change will mean that any special ammo picked up will be automatically loaded into a weapon’s magazine.

The latest weapon to feel the force of the Bungie nerfhammer is the No Land Beyond sniper rifle. Unlike every other gun in its weapon type, the NLB does not flinch under fire, making it particularly difficult to effectively challenge guardians wielding the gun from range.

While most people would agree that having a level of parity amongst weapon types is essential to creating an enjoyable meta, it is universally accepted that the way to do this is with buffs, rather than nerfs.

In news which will no doubt please guardians who frequent the weekly Trials of Osiris game mode, there is also a planned change to the way the Memory of Skorri artifact works. Some teams have been using a glitch on the Sunsinger Warlock which extended a round, even after all enemies had been killed and then used that time to revive their teammates and charge their supers quickly using the Skorri artifact. The artifact has been changed to only work for one minute following a kill, meaning that guardians which have been revived after all enemies have been killed won’t be able to share their super charge with their teammates.



Accompanying the AoT update will be a refresh to the items in the Eververse, which sells items for Silver, an in game currency which is paid for through micro-transactions. Currently, guardians can purchase a number of different items, including vehicles, emotes and seasonal boxes. The only thing players will now be able to purchase will be the Treasure of Ages Boxes, which contains everything purchasable from the Eververse since its introduction around the time of the Taken King DLC. The contents will work on a smart loot system, meaning that the items you receive are likely to be something you don’t already have.

With Bungie confirming that only a guardian’s appearance will be carried over to Destiny 2, the number of people purchasing these boxes with actual money will probably be relatively low. Fortunately for collectors, players will have a chance to obtain three of these boxes per week by playing a game in the Weekly Crucible Playlist, a story in the Weekly Story Mission and one SIVA Heroic Strike. This total is account-wide.

The Last Word


All in all, AoT appears to be a fantastic ode to the players who have put countless hours into Destiny so far. By bringing much of the original content back into relevance, the update creates a very nostalgic narrative and will appeal to new, returning and veteran players alike.

Also, if you are looking for some fellow guardians to play Age of Triumph with then head over to The100.io Group Delta 117, where you will find the most mediocre group of bellends this side of Mars.

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